This 10H’ x 82W’ Trestlescape Sign is located on Market St before the stop-light linking downtown Wilkes-Barre to downtown Kingston. The downtown Kingston Corners is a hub for shopping, retail, restaurants, car dealerships, entertainment, salons, law offices, banks and professional services.  Targeting traffic towards 1 of the busiest 4-way intersections in the area (Market St & Wyoming Ave), this main artery leads directly to an intersection of 10+ lanes of traffic. With not many billboards in Kingston, due to restrictive zoning codes, this high demographic township makes this unit highly coveted.

  • MARKET: Kingston, Luzerne County
  • LATITUDE: 41.255282
  • LONGITUDE: -75.891517
  • FACING/READ: East/Straight
  • LOCATION: Market St, Kingston PA, 18704
  • PANEL SIZE: 10H’ x 82W’