This 6H’x56W’ Trestlescape Sign is located on Pierce St right before a stop-light linking downtown Wilkes-Barre to downtown Kingston. It targets traffic westbound to the intersection of RT11 North/South to Forty Fort or Edwardsville. Downtown Kingston is a hub for shopping, retail, restaurants, car dealerships, entertainment, salons, law offices, banks and professional services.  With not many billboards in Kingston, due to restrictive zoning codes, this high demographic township makes this unit highly coveted.

  • MARKET: Kingston, Luzerne County
  • LATITUDE: 41.25883
  • LONGITUDE: -75.88484
  • FACING/READ: West/Straight
  • LOCATION: Pierce St, Kingston
  • PANEL SIZE: 6H’x56W’
PANEL #10A – 6H’ x 56W’ – Pierce St Trestle